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 Since 1982! The Dress Shop and Allen Street Dress Shop women's clothing stores in East Aurora and Buffalo New York, properly keeping women looking great all these years! (And of course, we started out in the front porch of our house, in what was previously a doctor's office... That house became a car dealer's parking lot - Ach! We had to move!)  

We promise to give you a beautiful collection of unique, creative, and fun! clothing. Our original store is in East Aurora NY, and we have a second store, Allen Street Dress Shop, in the artsy Allentown section of Buffalo.

Top priority for us is finding the most interesting, creative, and fabulous clothing we can, for the oh-so-interesting people that come into our stores!

Some of our regular lines are: Flax, Cut Loose, Comfy, Nally & Millie, Mystree, and XCVI, to name a few.

We're always searching out new companies, some of the more "hidden" lines in the industry, because these 'fresh-out-of-the-starting-gate' companies can be amazing!

 Note! You can keep abreast of our events: gallery walks, featured musicians, or our simple nice evening get-togethers, by signing up on our email list, or by following us on 'the Facebook' or Twitter. We'd love it if you join us!

Come into one of our shops to see, touch (and wear!) our latest!

The Dress Shop
712 Main Street
East Aurora, NY
Allen Street Dress Shop
89 Allen Street
Buffalo, NY